Happy birthday to me! It’s 7am and I can’t keep calm😜

slaving away at 10pm


Baked a cake last night and couldn’t wait to have a taste!

woke up to this💋

More to come! So stay tuned for a full post on my day… Happy Halloween!




We have Words!

Our little one has recently achieved a developmental milestone. Firstly she seemed to have embraced her room as hers – she told me the other day “this is my room, come have a look“. She’s also become more comfortable with potty training (this is seriously yearning for a post), tantrums have reduced and can count 1 – 100. I do talk to her alot and I’ve heard that helps improve their vocabulary however the change still seem a bit sudden, she’s got so much to that hubster is convinced I was the same way at her age (which I don’t dispute ah!)

As of two weeks ago, she still used many of her phrases out of context like “what’s the big idea!” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Donald Duck but now she screams these words out if you happen to block her view of anything she might be interested in.

She still rambles sometimes – either repeating phrases she hears from YouTube/TV or making up stories about “look a cat! In the jungle” (jungle being the bush behind our apartment). Below are some of her recent phrases for your reading pleasure😃

“Let’s tidy up!”

“I can’t find it either”

“Can you help us?”

“Can I have my hug/kiss?”

“Oh so cute” (while nuzzling at my face)

“Hey guys!” (bursting into room)

“Are you coming mummy?”

“Give me 2 mins ok”

“I don’t like it”

“Let’s charge the tablet”

“Biscuit! Face the wall” (we graduated from naughty steps)


“That’s not the point!” (making hand gestures – Kung Fu Panda)

“Say ahhh! huh that doesn’t look good… hmmm that’s the problem” (Peso from Octonauts)

Everyday I look forward to her random moments of awesomeness which I sometimes record (check out my Instagram page for evidence) or just enjoy the moment… She is almost 3 years old which explains the development however nothing prepares you for the emotions you feel when your toddler slowly morphs into a child, her siblings might not be as lucky haha!

So I would love to hear from you – What words are your toddlers speaking? first reactions? emotions felt? please share below in the “comment” section and let’s muse over them…

Thanks for stopping by folks and have a great week ahead 😀




Product Review: B.O.Z.Z FootMuff

Like many strollers/buggies, my SilverCross Surf came with its own footmuff (apron as they call it) but as my daughter is quite tall for her age, she quickly outgrew the apron.

My many hours of research brought up the “B.O.Z.Z” of Sweden – a universal footmuff, quite large, very warm (fleece-lined), made with high quality material and an excellent finish. Continue reading


Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne

With the UK Mid-term break round the corner and parents looking for fun activities for their children, I thought to share this gallery post of our visit to Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire – a hidden gem just on the outskirts of London and a fun place for the family/group of friends to spend the day. Check out their website for more details!


Entrance & Playground

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Toddler Day Out @ Westfield Stratford City

Been a minute! So many ideas floating in this tiny head of mine that I spend most of my time deliberating on what to write and whether the timing is right.

I did get some inspiration from my outing yesterday, was out with a friend and our children – she needed winter outfits for her little one while I needed to get out of the house so we took a trip to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford [apparently one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe]. Inspiration started from a Portuguese mum we met on the train, she had a two year old who got chatty with my madam, the idea I got from watching her relate to her child will show up on this blog soon so watch this space!

Shopping at Tiger

Exploring little hands at “Tiger”

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