We have Words!

Our little one has recently achieved a developmental milestone. Firstly she seemed to have embraced her room as hers - she told me the other day "this is my room, come have a look". She's also become more comfortable with potty training (this is seriously yearning for a post),¬†tantrums have reduced and can count 1... Continue Reading →

Product Review: B.O.Z.Z FootMuff

Like many strollers/buggies, my SilverCross Surf came with its own footmuff (apron as they call it) but as my daughter is quite tall for her age, she quickly outgrew the apron. My many hours of research brought up the "B.O.Z.Z" of Sweden - a universal footmuff, quite large, very warm (fleece-lined), made with high¬†quality material... Continue Reading →

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