Champneys Spa Resort, Tring

I'm here reminiscing... Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and for the past 4 years, we have traveled each year within Europe to celebrate it. This year however, we are staying put: mainly because my husband has a lot of work commitments. Also, my older daughter has started school and we can't just yank her out during term time to... Continue Reading →

Hashtag “Ultimate Throwback”

Hello my lovelies!  It's been a crazy couple of months since we got back from our Stateside trip, work got really busy and we welcomed our second baby *yaayyy* Now for today's post... I woke up this morning with a notification from my Dropbox account that I have exceeded the free allowance and either need... Continue Reading →

Flying (alone) with a 4-year-old

Brave? I know, especially with a 7-month preggo belly! We recently took a trip to the United States for a 3-day wedding (check out more pics on my Instagram feed) and I had to take the return flight alone with the little one as my husband stayed back for a work seminar I still can't believe I... Continue Reading →

2017 so far…

  Hi my lovelies! So last time I was here I wrote a post on anticipating preschool a couple of months back, so many events have happened - from going through 4 au pairs, travelling for work while trying to catch up with nursery newsletters and finding time to attend any nursery events we parents are... Continue Reading →

Anticipating Pre-school…

Hello hello my lovelies! I know it's been a wee while (my last post was in June eek!) but I hope you are all enjoying the warm September. Now, this is a spur-of-the-moment post which came to my mind earlier today so here goes...   Earlier this year we decided to take the little one... Continue Reading →

Product review – E’TAE Hair

Happy Friday lovelies! This post has been a long time coming as I wanted to use the products a few times before giving my view on it. After a friend tagged me in one of their instagram posts, I purchased the E'TAE Hair range for children - what I understood from the posts was that you can blowdry and straighten your hair... Continue Reading →

I’m living with a Threenager

Recently learnt the word 'Threenager' off the girls from my Dec baby club which I would define it as when your three year old is "going on 13" right before your eyes and every single thing you thought you knew about tantrums and "terrific twos" flies out of the window! Barely a month into turning... Continue Reading →

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