The 1st week in August marks the time people all over the world are encouraged to raise awareness on the benefits of breastfeeding #WorldBreastfeedingWeek and this year's theme is 'Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life'. Without getting all technical, breastmilk is highly beneficial to your baby as they get all the antibodies they need. So your baby shouldn't need anything else apart... Continue Reading →

Return to Work Series – Part 2

As I approach week 4 of returning to work, I reflect back on the past 3weeks. Though I’m a little settled into working mum patterns -commuting, checking on the nanny 10 times a day, bedtime routine etc I have to admit that I sometimes miss those long (sometimes short) days of maternity leave, being able... Continue Reading →

Return to Work Series – Part 1

I don’t believe I’m back to work! It seemed like maternity leave would never end but I’ve spent a full week back to work and wishing I had stayed home a bit longer (haha I joke!). My 1st day back was cool actually. Trains were packed as usual so I stood through the 50-min train... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding Woes – Engorgement

I really do not know why it's not a "woman's world" Was the response I gave a friend after she reached out to me this morning. I had a rant fest on my instastory in the early hours of this morning after I suffered breast engorgement through the night. "Breast Engorgement" - a process by which your body punishes you... Continue Reading →

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