Hi everyone! I've attended two summer weddings and it's barely June but I did promise to share so here goes! This wedding was in Dublin and I went alone so all the time to indulge in my new found love of photography 🙂        


I’m living with a Threenager

Recently learnt the word 'Threenager' off the girls from my Dec baby club which I would define it as when your three year old is "going on 13" right before your eyes and every single thing you thought you knew about tantrums and "terrific twos" flies out of the window! Barely a month into turning... Continue Reading →

Toddler type 4a/b/c hair: Daily Routine

Hi everybody! It's all about hair today... For those who don't understand the gibberish in the title - hair type 4 is what I like to call "pure african hair". According to naturallycurly it is also known as coily hair which tends to be more prone to damage from a range of factors like combing. Miss L's hair is... Continue Reading →


I've finally broken through my inertia of not updating my blog! Yayyyy! The new year came along with its own challenges and went from setting goals & affirmations, getting all fired up with motivation (I've been listening to inspirational speakers), declaring 2016 as my year of growth; to absolutely nothing... Eh why now? January blues? Fatigue?... Continue Reading →

As 2016 beckons…

I reflect on 2015 and how much change occurred in my life... For one I started this blog after alot of procastination and many more miracles that I am grateful for... I've also connected with a lot of people via this blog, instagram and other platforms. I want to say a huge THANK YOU for... Continue Reading →

Tax-Free Childcare UK

For those of us who don't know, the UK will be introducing a "tax free" scheme to assist working parents with childcare costs. Working parents currently have the "childcare voucher" system in place where you can pay part of your childcare fees from your gross (pre-tax) salary invariably this means it has to be offered... Continue Reading →

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