Arabian Adventures – Sun Downer Experience (with kids)


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This a post cum review of our Sun Downer Dune Dinner  experience with Arabian Adventures. To start off we booked the ‘exclusive vehicle’ package because of the children, therefore the company sent 2 four-wheel drive land cruisers specifically for our group – usually these drivers pick people up from various hotels/locations until the car is full.

“Pickup” – 3PM

The drivers/guides of both vehicles were at our reception by 3pm as agreed, and according to the rest of the group, were quite entertaining but I couldn’t hear anything as I sat at the very back of the car. I stayed in the car which had the children and the arrangement was to have one adult sit in front and one at the back and I opted for the back. Now I did not anticipate the length of the journey, it took us about 1.5hours to get to the desert!



“The Falcon Show” 

Refreshments awaited us at this stop and a quick photo op with a camel before we sat down to watch the show. Quite informative and interesting, we learnt that the Falcon is the national bird of the UAE, a swift flyer with keen eyes for its prey.

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Dune Bashing

After the show, it was time to ride through the sand dunes but first the car tyres had to deflated to enable a smooth ride over the sand dunes. “Dune bashing” was through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve  and I must say it was the highlight of the trip! The children especially loved it and talked about it for days! We made two stops in-between the dune, 1st – to enjoy the view and take pictures then to watch the sun set…

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“Bedouin Camp”

Dune bashing continued and stopped just a few mins before we entered the bedouin camp. As we had a table reserved for the group (courtesy of some strings pulled by hubby dearest), we were led to our table. Starters were served first – an array of food falafel, chicken sharwama, vegetable parcels, flat bread and with cheese. This was an all inclusive package – food, drinks (including alcohol) and entertainment. Our guides/drivers surprisingly swapped hats and became in charge of serving the food.

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After starters, we went for the camel ride – the children particularly loved this part. Note that I almost chickened out at this point seeing how tall those animals were! Such a weird sensation as the camel stands up but you get used to it after a few secs (my glutes get a good workout from the ride haha) some of us even went twice.

Next event we went for was Sand Surfing, (which was an epic fail!) – firstly the queue was long and people were slow coming down the dune – I suspect this was cause the sand was a little moist as it was now nightfall. To make matters worse, it turned out he needed to wear shoes to surf. It would have helped to have a sign down below the steps to indicate the need for shoes.

By now, it was time for mains – salads, humus, flat bread, rice, sauce, lamb chops, chicken skewers and roasted potatoes which we happily wolfed down as we were starving!
While we ate, belly dancing started. Set up right in the middle of the camp and Our guides had mentioned that the best time to leave was from the end of the 5th song because of traffic and everyone trying to get out of the camp. Also we still had to inflate the tyres of the vehicles before we could drive them on the road again. So after eating, us girls went exploring – henna turned out beautifully, then one of the girls got a sand souvenir and we finished off with Arabian coffee and dates.

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There was also a shisha area, a mini bonfire and a place to dress up like an Arabian (but we were not allowed to take our own pics) besides our henna was still wet so we couldn’t get dressed.

Soon the 6th song started to play which was our cue to start packing up to leave 😦 an announcement was made for Star-gazing where all the lights in the camp would be switched off (panic.com!) as the lights went pretty fast. We then lumped our tired bodies into our respective cars and back to the hotel – this was pretty uneventful.


Tyres had to be re-inflated for the road



*Best to go for an exclusive car package if travelling in a group, especially with young children, it was truly worth the money we paid for it. We had four children with us, (ages 4 to 7) and they all got car or booster seats and the seating arrangement was well thought out. If we didn’t have the exclusive option, we might have ended up not being able to go with our children because it’s about filling each spot in the vehicle. So if the car isn’t full, the driver would just go to the next pickup location before heading to camp, eating into the safari time.

*Bring an extra layer of clothing, a scarf or cardigan as it gets chilly at nightfall.

*Ensure your child is at least 4 years old to go on this trip because dune bashing was a rollercoaster ride. Even my thrill-seeking 4yr old was a little apprehensive at the start but soon settled after comforting her – it might not be the same for another child.

*Try to keep an empty stomach before heading to avoid being car-sick. I had read some horror online reviews about people getting sick in the car!

Apologies for the long epistle but I do hope this helps someone out there planning a trip to Dubai with the family and seeking a thrilling adventure!

More posts on our Dubai trip soon 😉





2017 so far…


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So last time I was here I wrote a post on anticipating preschool a couple of months back, so many events have happened – from going through 4 au pairs, travelling for work while trying to catch up with nursery newsletters and finding time to attend any nursery events we parents are invited to. Thing is with every new experience comes a learning curve so at this point, we are in a good routine.

The little miss has also made tremendous progress since the start of 2017, transitioning from a cranky toddler to a sweet child who appreciates all of our efforts over her. Apart from nursery which she has for 3hours a day, she goes to ballet, tennis and gymnastics class which have all contributed to her increased self confidence and social skills (plus mummy’s constant positive words!).

Best way to summarise all of these is through a picture reel so let the fun begin!


Model in the making 🙂



Dressed as little red riding hood for ‘World Book Day’





My Heartbeat…


1st pregnancy  selfie


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Anticipating Pre-school…

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Product review – E’TAE Hair

Happy Friday lovelies!

This post has been a long time coming as I wanted to use the products a few times before giving my view on it. After a friend tagged me in one of their instagram posts, I purchased the E’TAE Hair range for children – what I understood from the posts was that you Continue reading


Summer Weddings – Dublin




Hi everyone! I’ve attended two summer weddings and it’s barely June but I did promise to share so here goes! This wedding was in Dublin and I went alone so all the time to indulge in my new found love of photography 🙂






The “Work/Life” Balance…

Being a mum is the most fulfilling and hardest aspect of my life…

There is so much talk about “work/life” balance, so many inspirational speakers out there who preach the “agile worker”, not needing to work 9-5, the “4-day week”, and a general feeling of being able to have it all… Ah don’t get me wrong, I get inspired by these talks I feel like I can take over the world! with my child in tow of course – sure my decision to leave my previous job for a more demanding role (one which involves travelling) was made after I started listening to inspirational speakers… However I sometimes ask myself what really work/life balance means for me who invented the phrase? Do I truly de-stress? Offload? If not, how to go about it?

We recently moved to a completely new part of London and have been trying to settle-in. This clashed with the demands of my new job, brain has been so clogged up that I find myself always catching up with work. I find myself eating at my desk, not exercising not even yoga!, not updating my blog, I’m bringing work home only to end up worrying about not hitting deadlines – as you all know, these all lead to sleepless nights…

I remember being excited about the move – a bigger place meant more space for my bubbly 3yr to play and I could get an au pair to live with us; Dream #2 is taking forever, apparently many of these women do not want “non-traditional” English families. In addition, I’ve struggled with finding fulltime childcare in the new area, many of the places were fully booked or only had morning/afternoon sessions so I had to eat my words and go for a childminder. This led to another palava – the lovely lady closes shop at 6pm everyday… Just imagine the looks I get when I start packing my bag to leave the office at 4:45pm.

Good thing is I manage to pack some fun into our evenings and weekends; social media generally helps to liven mummy’s mood – Snapchat for the evening (mornings too!)sharing of our random moments of craziness. Then going to the local park at the weekends, I’ve also discovered alot of fun activities just within walking distance – benefits of living in surbubia. We have Jungle Monkeyz which is a compact playgym, a swimming pool, ballet, percussion class and the good ol’ library so it’s not all bad news 🙂

As long as I make family my priority, then it’s all worth it… right? Till next time folks!

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Product Review – Bentonite Clay Mask

Hello hello!

This is one of my “old” posts – it was the first time I tried the clarifying method on both our hairs and was quite happy with the result so here goes…


Its product review time!

Though we’ve both only done this process once and we used the Aztec Bentonine green clay. Mummy and daughter both had protective styles in for at least 3wks prior so some hair TLC was highly needed.

I bought this product a couple of months back after watching a few videos so decided to try it out to clarify my hair.


The clarifying method” – a process of removing product buildup from your hair. Due to daily moisturising and co-washing products may not completely wash out of your hair and this buildup may make your hair look “gunky” or tangle easily, it may be time to clarify your hair!



  • Bentonine Green Clay
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Plastic bowl
  • Plastic or wooden spatula (for mixing)
  • Cantu Moisturising Rinse-out Conditioner

Bentonine Green Clay


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)


Cantu Rinse-out Conditioner



Put one cup of the clay in the plastic bowl (apparently the mix reacts adversely with metal, so best to use plastic or wooden equipment).

Gradually add the ACV until you get a smooth but slightly thick mixture.
I then applied to sections of her hair (this was after I detangled the hair) and left on for 20mins.

Mama et Bebe


Rinsed off completely with plenty of water then co-washed with the Cantu rinse out conditioner (ran out of our Taliah Waajid conditioning co-wash).

Loosened curls☺️


I moisturised the hair and left it in sections and left it to style the next day. The hair was still soft and separated quite easily!

P.S. this is not the only way to “clarify” natural curly Afro hair, some people go for a simpler process of buying a clarifying shampoo and using that instead – you can find out whatever option works for you…



I must confess that I haven’t clarified either mine or the little madam’s hair since I wrote this post. I am starting to notice product buildup on her hair and was thinking of putting my research hat on to find out what to do, without realising I already had a draft of a solution patiently waiting in my blog! how ironic!

Anyways thanks for stopping by and taking time to read, have a lovely weekend ahead!