About Me

Looking to read about a quirky, ‘learning on the job’ sorta parenting? well you’ve come to the right page!

I’m Temi – auditor by day, mommy at all times… I would describe myself as fun-loving, ever smiling and carefree; however becoming a parent has turned me into a “responsible adult” who can’t survive without routines (bet alot of people can relate). I’ve got two girls – a super energetic 5 year old, who never wants to sleep and a gentler 12 month old who loves her sleep!

I’ve had a slightly nomadic life – born in Nigeria, formative years spent in Ireland and now living in London.

I have a passion for natural hair, makeup, fashion, and fitness. As a family we enjoy travelling, eating out and just about any fun event we can experience so expect this blog to offer a window into my dynamic world – my journey through motherhood, the highs, lows and anything in between.

So sit back and enjoy my world with me…



5 thoughts

  1. Hello Temi

    Your blog has a following among Nigerian parents.

    We are offering a course which empowers parents to really be an aid to life for their children, providing them with key skills and knowledge to assist the development of their child.

    The course is certified by the Association of Montessori international.

    Would you be interested in featuring the Montessori approach and the course in one of your posts?

    Ori Nwevo

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  2. Hello Ori!

    That won’t be a problem at all. TBH I don’t know much about the montesorri approach (its super expensive here), so it will be interesting to read your piece on it. ☺️


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