Been a minute! So many ideas floating in this tiny head of mine that I spend most of my time deliberating on what to write and whether the timing is right.

I did get some inspiration from my outing yesterday, was out with a friend and our children – she needed winter outfits for her little one while I needed to get out of the house so we took a trip to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford [apparently one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe]. Inspiration started from a Portuguese mum we met on the train, she had a two year old who got chatty with my madam, the idea I got from watching her relate to her child will show up on this blog soon so watch this space!

Shopping at Tiger
Exploring little hands at “Tiger”

An hour later plus two train changes, we arrive at Westfield Stratford City. First stop was Tiger – now I love this IKEAesq shop with all its quirky goods, very affordable too πŸ˜‰ thought I would find a magnetic notepad for the fridge but came out with some crafty items and a pink snack box for lil mama instead.

Crafts n Snack from Tiger

Then we found this mini play area right in the middle of the shopping centre, also it helped that it was on the ground floor too. We got oodles of fun here.

Play area ;)
Play area at Westfield Stratford City

It was now time for lunch and we settled for Chinese food. We then headed to the food court to dine at the Lotus Leaf, yum yum! and at Β£10 lunch didn’t come cheap though the roasted duck tasted delicious πŸ˜€

Lunchtime @ Westfield Stratford
Lunchtime @ Westfield Stratford

In the meantime, we had a toilet break [potty training update coming soon] in the gorgeous “Parent room” with its 5 breastfeeding rooms, microwave, designated changing area, relaxation area and soft play area for little ones. Did I forget to mention the toilets? one for the parent and a mini one for the child, with their own soap dispenser and sink it was so cute that lil munchkin asked to go back! Wish I took more pictures of the Parent room but had to respect the privacy of the other parents in there with us.

Quick selfie!
Quick selfie!
A very blurry pic of the entrance

We finished off at Primark where hectic lives” jeez that shop can make one fall out of love with shopping, try navigating a stroller through that shop! but Mrs N was on a mission so we couldn’t turn back. Any ooh! we got a few items just cos mommy can’t help her impulse-buying self tut tut…

Primark buys

Bought this lovely jumper and cute gloves for daddy’s princess, thinking ahead to my birthday I  can just see her in this with a pair of leggings to celebrate with mommy [did I mention I’m a Halloween baby?] The gloves, on the other hand, came in handy for the trip home cos it was past 6pm and getting quite chilly. Gladly we had no meltdown on the hour long train ride home cos lil mama knocked off in her stroller πŸ˜€

Any Londoners looking to visit Westfield Stratford City? Or you just want to share your experience of shopping with your toddler in tow? Please share your thoughts below…

So I hope you enjoyed this week’s musings on FabMommaBlog – like, follow and share!



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2 thoughts

  1. Hi Temi, sounds like a full day out, not surprised your Princess fell asleep! I’ve been through the Stratford Westfield once, it was tooooo bus. I prefer the White City one as it’s nearer. We’re at the stage where shopping trips with my boy are hit or miss (usually miss). I discovered Tiger too a couple of weeks ago (in West London), bought some play dough, definitely need to go back! πŸ™‚

    Yinka. xXx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yes indeed Yinka, it was a full day out. We usually have meltdowns whenever we go shopping so this is progress πŸ™‚ I guess she’s growing up and more aware now… I saw your IG post on the playdough you bought from Tiger, can’t reveal how much I’ve spent on that shop haha!


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