I’ve finally broken through my inertia of not updating my blog! Yayyyy!

The new year came along with its own challenges and went from setting goals & affirmations, getting all fired up with motivation (I’ve been listening to inspirational speakers), declaring 2016 as my year of growth; to absolutely nothing… Eh why now? January blues? Fatigue? Trying to do alot at one time I guess… At least I managed to regularly update my IG page with #momblogger haha!

But seriously, being a mum who juggles alot of things – family life, work, catching up with friends, etc can be quite challenging now add trying to get in a “zen zone” of writing up a post but I thought about the reason I started this blog: to share my experiences as a mother, fun and struggles / tears and smiles and its made me reach out to quite a number of people whether virtual or physical so fabmommablog I pledge to never abandon you again…

Ok ok enough of the sob story and lets move onto the fun stuff – it’s Valentine’s week! and Chinese new year week! We have decided on being “anti-valentine” this year and join in the celebrations for Chinese new year in London Chinatown instead (though I have no clue what activities are planned) but there will be a parade at a minimum which my princess should love so looking forward to that 😊

Another fun thing to look forward to for this family is a mini photo shoot which I won via instagram last year – Mercy from Meiko Photography ran a giveaway on her IG page and yours truly was the winner… The shoot is planned for this weekend so imagine my excitement hehehehe – have to consider what to wear / theme / poses / makeup etc but I believe we will be in capable hands as she sounds so nice did I mention she’s a blogger too? check out her blog 

As I promised above, I will update a bit more regularly and might even get a guest-blogger, you just gotta watch this space! Thanks for stopping by folks and have a lovely weekend ahead…





Author: fabmomma

Young and quirky momma of two, sharing my experiences as I trudge through life...

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  1. Saw your post right after posting mine. It’s not easy doing this thing consistently. I have so many drafts but to polish them off and post is looooong! Thanks for the mention and I’m really looking forward to our shoot on Saturday too. Checked the weather and at least it’s not raining. 😁🎉

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  2. No worries at all! Alot of people don’t understand the feeling n a lil support wont do no harm, after all its womens’ week! hahaha Thanks for popping over to page truly appreciate☺️

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