Chinese New Year 2016 Fun

14th Feb 2016 was a massive day of celebrations in London city – Valentine’s day for one, the BAFTAs and Chinese New Year… My new Nikon D3300 finally came out to play [speaking like a pro photographer lol] as we joined thousands to celebrate the Chinese New Year, starting off with a parade at 10am from Trafalgar Square, through Shaftesbury Avenue and all the way to Chinatown [ok so we missed the parade – at least we saw the dancing dragons!], then a massive stage was set up in the square with traditional music, dancing and theatre.

We later met with family friends and ended the day at the  National Gallery which was fun too – sadly my camera battery had died at this point, we also forgot to bring the stroller along for the little one notwithstanding we had a blast! So keep scrolling and enjoy 🙂

En-route excited to see dragons!

Covent Garden
When you forget to bring the stroller
We missed the parade 😦
Paper Dragon
She soon rejected it 😦
Mama et Bebe
There was also music
Slight detour – M&M World
Remnants of the parade
Open market 1
I have no clue what these are but they are beautiful…
It was a really cold day 😦
Sleepy already?
Mummy posing while princess attempts spelling
CNY 11
Only in Chinatown lol

Open mkt3

Open mkt5
Chinatown stalls
Dragon 2
Fire-breathing dragon
Getting quite tired but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going lol
Trafalgar Square
They finally made it!
Our lovebirds 😀

Thank for stopping by and have a great weekend folks!







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