Champneys Spa Resort, Tring

I’m here reminiscing… Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and for the past 4 years, we have traveled each year within Europe to celebrate it. This year however, we are staying put: mainly because my husband has a lot of work commitments. Also, my older daughter has started school and we can’t just yank her out during term time to go on a bender lol.

Ok I’m digressing! This post is to talk about our visit to this lovely spa resort, this time last year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I was still in the delicate 1st trimester when we were deciding on where to go but I wasn’t up for flying out of the country, so we decided on a spa trip instead.After a couple of hours with my good friend “google”, I found Champneys Spa Resort based in Tring, Hertfordshire and booked it straightaway! One key reason is because they offer maternity packages (you have to be 3 months+ pregnant to have these pamper sessions). On the downside, their website was a little tricky to use. They have many options to offer and this got confusing at some point, I had to ring them to ensure we had booked the correct sessions.

We set off on the day and on arriving at the destination we were blown away! The beautiful, expansive and very well manicured grounds was captivating… The driveway is lined with trees on both sides and a beautiful water feature welcomes you as you get closer to the building.

Despite the abundance of land, parking space wasn’t so ample (possibly was a busy weekend).

Grounds – view from our room

In addition, the reception was just a desk with one staff attending to all the guests that arrived at the same time, which meant we had to wait a while to check in but it wasn’t too bad. The gentleman checked us in, gave us information packages and showed us to our room. He also booked (and took) us on a quick tour of the resort. As we walked around the resort, we noticed everyone walking around in their robes and slippers; it gave the resort a tranquil atmosphere seeing everyone stroll around from one session to the other (I couldn’t wait to get into mine!). As expected, ours was waiting for us in our suite… In fact we had afternoon tea in our resort attire… 🙂

We also got to see the back of the building during the tour: beautiful gardens with tennis court and outdoor swimming pool.

Tea Station


Room also had a bidet, fancy

Our booking included breakfast, lunch and dinner but we booked afternoon tea separately.

GD-Friendly Lunch: Scotch eggs, egg mayo rolls, boiled chicken and mango salad
TeaTime: A lovely array of treats


So I didn’t take any pictures of our spa treatments, however I went for the “Beautiful Bump”  while hubby had the Champneys sport massage then we both had facials in the same room together. While we waited for our sessions, we sat in this beautiful waiting room which had a massive bowl of fruit-infused water (woooh this got me! haha) I just love little touches like that…

My therapist was so nice, we had a good conversation without being overwhelming. She was really gentle because of my pregnancy, yet firm enough to ease off my pregnancy tension. She massaged every part of my body including my breasts (and no, it was not sexual in any way). I have to admit that I caught myself snoring during this session which shows how much I enjoyed it!

In addition to our booked treatments, we were able to use other facilities within the resort such as the relaxation areathalasso pool and jacuzzi.

Off to dinner!


Breakfast in bed 🙂

The customer service at the resort was brilliant! All the staff we met treated us like royalty and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Champneys Tring.

I give this resort 4 stars (1 less because of arrivals) and would definitely recommend it as a 2-day break or weekend away, especially for mommas-to-be.

Until next time!


*Featured image taken from Champneys Resorts website*

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