Baby Product Review – ‘Benevolence Allure’ Ring Sling

If you follow me on instagram (and my instastory), you will know that I love to wear my baby. I’ve got a Moby wrap, a Boba 3g structured carrier and recently added the Benevolence Allure ring sling to my collection, thanks to Joy and Joe Baby

There are alot of benefits to babywearing; from a practical and cheaper alternative to a bulky pushchair to a more scientific one: the increased close contact with your baby leads to an increase in your levels of Oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, and reduction in Cortisol, the stress hormone; this helps mums and dads bond better with their babies.

The first thing that caught my eye with the ‘Benevolence Allure’ was the colour. It is a gorgeous mix of red, turquoise and purple which I love. Watch my unveiling to see my 1st impressions and my reaction to the colour.

The colours really popped on this green dress
Reusable carrier bag for your ring sling

The next thing I love about this product is the design – a cluster of little hearts within large hearts (scroll down to read the story behind the design). The fabric looks sturdy and it looks like good quality weaveimg_3613

Sturdy enough to front-carry my 9.8kgs baby

Now I wouldn’t do this product justice if I didn’t talk about the purpose behind it. The ‘cluster of hearts’ design was inspired by the highly skilled medics and benevolent heart surgeons who mend fragile hearts on a daily basis around the word and then give them a unique opportunity to grow and flourish. The company will also donate a significant percentage of the sale proceeds to Downs heart charity, Glenfield hospital or the Great Ormond street hospital. Read more of the background story here

Coupled with the fact it is a black-owned business, I am super chuffed to be part of the Joy and Joe family.

#carrymyjoy – the inscription is such a lovely touch

I had previously considered getting a ring sling for baby #2 but assumed it would be hard to use (so I bought a wrap instead), but I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to use – you thread the material through the rings and adjust once your baby is in.

One observation I noted was how stiff the material was the first time I threaded it, however, it softened up after a few tries at adjusting the sling. I’ve also noticed it is easier for me to place the rings on my left shoulder (having my right hand free); easier to adjust the sling and baby. And as with other baby-wearing products,it will take some time and practise to get a hang of and completely understand the functionalities of using the Benevolence Allure Ring Sling.


*Disclosure: I received the Benevolence Allure Ring Sling in exchange for a review *

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