Product review – E’TAE Hair

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This post has been a long time coming as I wanted to use the products a few times before giving my view on it. After a friend tagged me in one of their instagram posts, I purchased the E’TAE Hair range for children – what I understood from the posts was that you Continue reading


Product Review – Bentonite Clay Mask

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This is one of my “old” posts – it was the first time I tried the clarifying method on both our hairs and was quite happy with the result so here goes…


Its product review time!

Though we’ve both only done this process once and we used the Aztec Bentonine green clay. Mummy and daughter both had protective styles in for at least 3wks prior so some hair TLC was highly needed.

I bought this product a couple of months back after watching a few videos so decided to try it out to clarify my hair.


The clarifying method” – a process of removing product buildup from your hair. Due to daily moisturising and co-washing products may not completely wash out of your hair and this buildup may make your hair look “gunky” or tangle easily, it may be time to clarify your hair!



  • Bentonine Green Clay
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Plastic bowl
  • Plastic or wooden spatula (for mixing)
  • Cantu Moisturising Rinse-out Conditioner

Bentonine Green Clay


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)


Cantu Rinse-out Conditioner



Put one cup of the clay in the plastic bowl (apparently the mix reacts adversely with metal, so best to use plastic or wooden equipment).

Gradually add the ACV until you get a smooth but slightly thick mixture.
I then applied to sections of her hair (this was after I detangled the hair) and left on for 20mins.

Mama et Bebe


Rinsed off completely with plenty of water then co-washed with the Cantu rinse out conditioner (ran out of our Taliah Waajid conditioning co-wash).

Loosened curls☺️


I moisturised the hair and left it in sections and left it to style the next day. The hair was still soft and separated quite easily!

P.S. this is not the only way to “clarify” natural curly Afro hair, some people go for a simpler process of buying a clarifying shampoo and using that instead – you can find out whatever option works for you…



I must confess that I haven’t clarified either mine or the little madam’s hair since I wrote this post. I am starting to notice product buildup on her hair and was thinking of putting my research hat on to find out what to do, without realising I already had a draft of a solution patiently waiting in my blog! how ironic!

Anyways thanks for stopping by and taking time to read, have a lovely weekend ahead!




Toddler type 4a/b/c hair: Daily Routine

Hi everybody!

It’s all about hair today… For those who don’t understand the gibberish in the title – hair type 4 is what I like to call “pure african hair”. According to naturallycurly it is also known as coily hair which tends to be more prone to damage from a range of factors like combing. Miss L’s hair is a mix of all subsets of this type. Got it?

Now, my last post on this topic was all about our struggles with the little woman – it was constant tears, tangles and webbing, the hair was just so thick and unmanageable (IMO). Got to a point that I decided to texturise her hair which did stop the tears, for only a couple of weeks! And while I assumed the texturiser would just loosen her curls to reduce tangles, it straightened my toddler’s hair completely…

Baby hair


Continue reading


DIY: Whipped Shealoe Butter Cream

Shea butter is a staple in our household… I first caught the “homemade” bug when little madam was in cloth diapers and I had to make a natural-based barrier cream. Our Shealoe mix is very similar to the diaper cream with the exception of beeswax and aloe vera gel, Shea butter being the base for both.

Diaper Cream ingredients

One main thing I love about Shea butter is the creamy feel it has plus it works really well when mixed with other oils, it’s no coincidence it’s included in many natural-based hair products. Also it’s cheap and cheerful when bought from back home “Nigeria” (comes with a pungent smell though). Continue reading


Hair so far…

Back in November 2012 (about 37 weeks pregnant) I was ready to pop and started thinking about the style of hair I would have on to deliver my baby. I don’t tolerate pain very well so to avoid looking like miss piggy I knew having a full face of makeup on that day was a no-no.

Eventually decided on leaving my “natural” hair, I say “natural” because when I had relaxed hair (chemically-straightened) having nothing attached to my hair meant I had my natural hair out however fast-forward to today and natural hair means a completely different thing to me. Continue reading