Back in November 2012 (about 37 weeks pregnant) I was ready to pop and started thinking about the style of hair I would have on to deliver my baby. I don’t tolerate pain very well so to avoid looking like miss piggy I knew having a full face of makeup on that day was a no-no.

Eventually decided on leaving my “natural” hair, I say “natural” because when I had relaxed hair (chemically-straightened) having nothing attached to my hair meant I had my natural hair out however fast-forward to today and natural hair means a completely different thing to me.

Back to the story… my baby came out with a full head of hair which got me panicking about how to care for her hair, I was not familiar with my so-called “nappy” natural roots and memories brought me back to sitting on a small wooden stool, facing an old woman who also sat on the stool (picture that) yanking at my fragile hair while I cried. Just so my daughter does not have similar experience I decided to stop using the relaxer cream in solidarity with her.

Dec 2012 – A few days old

I decided not to “big-chop” as I had done that 2 years back which my husband didn’t fancy too much, intention was different at the time – tried to grow my edges back. So I endured the process of transitioning, researching all things natural hair, learning about my hair type, products to use, the standard LOC method and support from friends I knew who were either going through the process too or were fully natural. Transitioning was pretty easy though, I was in weaves with closure and braids through the year with summertime being the exception; this is when I reveal my natural hair, I would give my hair some TLC. With gradual trimming my hair had fully transitioned to natural by summer of 2014.

May 2014
May 2014

Remember the reason to transition? ah solidarity with my little madam! that hasn’t turned out as smoothly as I assumed and I’m constantly online probing for ways to help manage her thick mane. Initially I was able to get her to sit through a session with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing and a few treats until she was about 18 months but then we moved to London and the crying became unbearable (brought me right back to my humble beginnings), if I even try to touch her head she says “No mummy”. Sometimes I wish I could just leave the hair as is or chop it all off but her hair length reminds me of the sweat and effort we have both put into it so I persevere and figure out a way to style it quickly.

18 months old
2 years+

Last picture was taken in March 2015 just before I applied baby texturiser (they call it baby but it’s as pungent as an adult relaxer), I actually cried as I was applying the cream because the whole foundation of me turning natural was her hair so it felt like a betrayal. She still whinges but no extreme tears like before but I’m still searching so if anyone out there has similar issues please holla!

Until next time when I update this space on our hair journey, the struggle continues hahaha



Oh the joys of motherhood!

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  1. Great post hun…so proud x……ps: if you find answers pls share, would like for my unborn daughter lol


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