Let’s talk Moi…

Hello world! and thanks for checking out my blog…

After much contemplation, I finally took the step towards starting a blog and sharing parts of my life with you all. I’ve dabbled into blogging before [back in 2011] but with baby blues and a few other issues I pushed it aside. But a little bee (hubby) hummed in my ears to go back into blogging since I love “sharing” I thought why not? I hope my musings, experiences and iPhone pictures will interest some 😀

As most would say, alot of things make up this girl called Temi – got married really young, pushed off having children for a long time with back to back contraception until my little madam decided enough was enough; now our lives have completely changed! Every decision made revolves around her (that’s the joy motherhood isn’t it!).

I personally love to party and married someone who not only shares this but also loves travelling so part of this blog will be about trips taken with the little one, places visited – whether child-friendly or not, etc. Another part of me just loves to research and brings me to a world of hair, makeup, fitness, healthy eating, celebrities, blogs, vlogs, name it I would “google” any thing. Before I keep rambling on, a little visual of my family below…

The family
The family

Until next time, have a lovely weekend!



Author: fabmomma

Young and quirky momma of two, sharing my experiences as I trudge through life...

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