Summer2015 Trip – Typhoon Lagoon

Our summer trip to Walt Disney World Resort continues from Day 1 at Magic Kingdom (see post) to spending the next day at one of the water parks, Typhoon Lagoon. The story behind this park is that there was a massive storm in Orlando which left a huge wreckage in its wake, pretty cool right? We started off... Continue Reading →

Hair so far…

Back in November 2012 (about 37 weeks pregnant) I was ready to pop and started thinking about the style of hair I would have on to deliver my baby. I don't tolerate pain very well so to avoid looking like miss piggy I knew having a full face of makeup on that day was a... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Moi…

Hello world! and thanks for checking out my blog... After much contemplation, I finally took the step towards starting a blog and sharing parts of my life with you all. I've dabbled into blogging before [back in 2011] but with baby blues and a few other issues I pushed it aside. But a little bee... Continue Reading →

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