Our summer trip to Walt Disney World Resort continues from Day 1 at Magic Kingdom (see post) to spending the next day at one of the water parks, Typhoon Lagoon. The story behind this park is that there was a massive storm in Orlando which left a huge wreckage in its wake, pretty cool right?


Photo op with Stitch :)
Photo op with Stitch 🙂

We started off quite early so as to maximise the day which was a really good idea because the weather was still cool from the previous day’s thunderstorm (not related to the park’s story hehehe), it also meant it was really quiet – perfect for our little one!

Queuing up for locker and towels

As opposed to the other theme parks in the resort, there is no need to use the MyDisney app here because queue times are written on chalkboards and queues weren’t unbearable so no need to plan or check the board.

So after dropping our stuff off in the locker room, we headed straight for the “Lazy River” – this long stretch of water, with a few pit-stops where people join in or leave, allows you to see the whole park using floats. We got our family picture taken here by one of the “PhotoPass” photographers which was quite cool as we had left the camera in the locker. It was also a good way to settle-in after the initial buzz of arriving at the park.

Next stop was the “Surf/Wave Pool” – a shipwreck on top of a mountain fills up and creates massive waves at certain times. This was definitely the highlight of the park for me and we spent hours here. I was quite surprised that the little one enjoyed it, she would scream “watch out mummy!” as soon as the siren went off indicating the strike of another wave.

Lazy river
Lazy river
Free loungers at the Beach/Surf pool

Other child-friendly rides include “Gangplank Falls” where the whole family (max 4) can go on a float down crazy turns and swirls, the little one was allowed on this one even though I felt it was too “thrillish” for her but she enjoyed it (I guess she gets that from her father). “Ketchakidee Creek” is a designated area for really little ones, I mean our daughter felt like a giant amongst the other children but it had quite cool features so she enjoyed it for a little while before she asked to go back to Gangplank Falls.

The “Bay Slides” were great fun too, being close to the surf/wave pool meant the backlash of the waves came into the bay which bobbed the children up and down as they played on the slides. The staff at the slides was really nice and helped my little one with her 1st try, after that she made a few friends and they supported each other.

Building sand castles on the beach 😀
“Usfie” at Shark Reef

Not forgetting “Shark Reef” a laid-back snorkelling experience with sharks. We watched from the top as we had to have booked earlier for it plus we were wrecked at this point.

Shark Reef
Shark Reef


I really liked the food at Typhoon Lagoon – yummy finger food, it was expensive as expected and in tiny portions but you tend to go for more because the food was so tasty (who’s complaining!). I reckon a big breakfast might have helped a bit however with the amount of energy we burnt we would have still bought food.

Is that all?!
Is that all?!

We also went for the $10 refillable cups which meant we could take drinks at any drink station anytime (some of which tasted rank). The kids meal came with a pail and spade for children to play in the sand later.

Drinks Station
Drinks Station


As I’m the scaredy cat, I opted for the exciting surf pool after lunch while hubster (the thrill seeker) went on a rampage on the other water rides. The beach also had entertainment for young adults every other hour with games, music and dance competition which added a fun vibe to the already exciting atmosphere.

It was a well-spent day with an amazing experience, loads to do for all ages and we really didn’t want to come back home. Our next trip to Disneyland will see us visit the other water park, “Blizzard Beach” as I hear it’s a different ball game altogether.

Home time!
Home time!

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P.S. There’s more to come from the summer trip series so stay tuned!



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