Recently learnt the word ‘Threenager‘ off the girls from my Dec baby club which I would define it as when your three year old is “going on 13” right before your eyes and every

single thing you thought you knew about tantrums and “terrific twos” flies out of the window!

Barely a month into turning 3, her behaviour suddenly changed – she became very aggressive at nursery, speaking more like a baby and would get upset with every littlest thing. She also digressed on her potty-trained status which made it all worse; to cap it all off her teachers at nursery just never stopped talking about it: “she was quite challenging today” blah blah blah like aren’t they meant to be the childcare practitioners?!

Now now, what was slowly happening has turned out to be a significant milestone in her life. She’s blossomed into a”seriously” independent child [like, don’t attempt to help her with anything] who says the cutest ‘thanks!’

Not only that, her vocabulary is now fantastically comprehensive – “daddy your favourite colour is blue and mine’s red…” “You’re not going to sch, you’re going to work!” You should hear the conversation while role-playing with her fluffy friends:)

Morning pose
check out my dress mama..


1. They say a definite NO every single timeNo mummy, I don’t want to wash my hands!” and that was after using the toilet.

2. They don’t like ANYTHING you offer them [especially vegetables] a lot of cajoling happens here but never works, even when I say it will make her a giant “I don’t wanna be a giant”😒

3. They want to do every single thing themselves. From dressing up, to brushing her teeth, to getting the door, and buckling the car seat belt herself. “let me help you mummy” / “I can do it myself” / “yayyy I did it myself!” 

This one particularly gets me cos she throws a massive tantrum if you don’t let her. Oh you have to acknowledge the action!

4. They become real sassy. The other day she shussed Her dad cos she didn’t want him singing, she might also say “it’s not funny” whenever we laugh or instructs us to get her something. The display of confidence is unreal!

5. The dreaded ‘Can I?’ syndrome

Her: cam I have a snack mummy?  [yeah she says “cam”]

Me: no you just had a big bowl of rice 

Princess: cam I have a snack? (x 10 times)

Me: (giving in) alright just the one then…

We also tend to argue a bit now that she understands words and context alot more, constantly corrects me when I mix up her friends’ name and I need to have answers ready for her endless questions. I must say that I’m seriously enjoying this next phase in my motherhood journey and looking forward to new phases 🙂

So anyone else raising a Threenager? Share your stories below!



Author: fabmomma

Young and quirky momma of two, sharing my experiences as I trudge through life...

3 thoughts

  1. Yep! Aj’s 4 now and she’s still very much in this stage! I think it’s ‘worse’ cos she has a younger one now so she really sees herself as a little madam! I definitely think it’s more a girl thing but I might be wrong!


  2. I can’t imagine how she would b if had a sibling esp as if have to the other attention (though she’s told me she doesn’t want one hahahaha) you defo deserve an award!
    I doubt its a girl thing though cos i know a BoyMom going thru same!

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