Anticipating Pre-school…

Hello hello my lovelies! I know it’s been a wee while (my last post was in June eek!) but I hope you are all enjoying the warm September. Now, this is a spur-of-the-moment post which came to my mind earlier today so here goes…   Continue reading


Childbirth and Mental Health


In the summer of 2009, my husband and I met a young Irish boxer at a friend’s house party in London (we were visiting from Dublin at the time). Darren had won a bronze medal for Ireland in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and had moved to London to pursue a professional boxing career, I was starstruck and very much flattered when he said it was a relief to hear another Irish accent in the room and “was a breath of fresh air“. We had a great conversation that night talking about our youth days in Dublin.

One thing he said in particular was how hard it was for him to make friends in London “..too many cliques” he said… Sadly he was found hanging in his flat a couple of months after our encounter, believed to have been suicide. [Watch Darren Sutherland – 5yrs on]. We had only met once but the news still shocked me, I had heard of how people seem “normal” and cheerful, giving no indication that they might commit suicide but never had such a close encounter. Continue reading


Autumn TV Shows

Autumn’s here! Schools are back and with the sun slowly disappearing, there are no more bbq parties and the chill is here. This can only mean one thing, comfort TV! (Trashy TV to some) But for those chilly nights, wrecked from commuting, kids in bed and can’t be bothered going to the gym; you can rely on a good bout of X-Factor, Strictly come dancing, Dragons Den, I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of here! etc

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“Babywearing” – a term closely related to attached parenting (story for another day) which I came across after my princess was born. Prior to that I knew about ‘backing a baby’ with two pieces of cloth, a long ‘wrapper’ and a smaller ‘oja’ for extra hold so this was priority when MIL was packing up to come over from Nigeria, I got top marks for wanting to back my baby.

Traditional Nigerian (Yoruba) 'wrapper' and 'oja'

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Clash of Cultures

Spent last weekend with a friend who is also mom to quite an assertive 5-year-old, he questions every move you make especially those he considers inappropriate. As I grew up in an environment where a child should only be “seen and not heard” I subconsciously become irritated and tell him not to bother me but each time it happened my friend would quietly lecture me on “how my answers matter to him” and “how I’m no more in Nigeria”. Continue reading