Hashtag “Ultimate Throwback”

Hello my lovelies! 

It’s been a crazy couple of months since we got back from our Stateside trip, work got really busy and we welcomed our second baby *yaayyy*

Now for today’s post…

I woke up this morning with a notification from my Dropbox account that I have exceeded the free allowance and either need to delete some photos/videos or pay for 1TB storage space I’m sure many of us have received this message 😂
So I went in, scrolled down to the first file in order to start deleting unwanted pictures then I came across these particular ones… the memories flooded my brain…

March 2012 – Wedding dress shopping
Check out dem gunz💪🏽
My husband and I got married in 2007 at the Dublin Civil Registry Office in the presence of three people only, so it’s always been a dream of mine to walk down the aisle and have a traditional Yoruba wedding. I then decided not to change my maiden name to until he had performed the traditional marriage rites.

The year was 2012, plan was to travel home to Nigeria to have both ceremonies in December of same year. I was determined to have a quirky ceremony, going against status quo of how weddings are carried out in my parents’ church – I wanted a tea length dress with a fascinator rather than a veil, bridesmaids dresses of different colours/styles to reflect their personalities and possibly have only a handful of people at the reception. Ok to explain what I was up against – according to my folks, their “strict” Anglican parish will only marry you if the girls are fully covered up, the bride will wear a veil and bridesmaids in scarves, and there was no way my father’s Egbe Ore Ofe in church will not be allowed to attend the reception plus many other potential guests I had never met. I also wanted every guest at the white wedding to be formally dressed, traditional wear should be for the traditional wedding and that’s it (the drama!).

Then I fell pregnant… due date? You guessed it December 2012! Like I could literally go into labour on my wedding day, besides no airline would allow me fly that heavy so we had to cancel the event. I was so devastated cos I felt like I disappointed my dad, apart from the fact that he now knows I’m having sex (anyone with Nigerian parents will understand this situation). Anyways baby bump grew and we had our first little girl in December.

Baby girl 1

The years flew by and our 10th year anniversary was approaching. What other way to celebrate this milestone but with a renewal of our vows. We decided to have the event in the summer of 2017 August to be precise (just before the new school year starts), we had told many of our friends some of the detail – destination wedding possibly Greece, we just needed to find the villas we would use then send out a ‘save the date’. This time I wanted a bohemian theme, flowers in our hair, floaty dresses, outdoor ceremony and our daughter would throw flowers on the aisle as we walked behind her…. then bam! I fell pregnant again! And due date? yes you guessed it again August 2017!

My girls💞

Now you see the reason for the title – my ultimate throwback! Fate just has a way of playing with me doesn’t it hahahahha, the two times I tried to walk the aisle with my beloved husband I got pregnant. Both disappointments with a silver lining (or silver coverage if I may say!), I’m grateful that both my girls are healthy and beautiful and we couldn’t be more blessed with them in our lives.

Moral of the story: I better make sure my contraption is water tight when we plan our next marriage milestone😜

Till next time guys!


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Young and quirky momma of two, sharing my experiences as I trudge through life...

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