Sometime this week, I went to get lunch from my office canteen. Now I don't usually go there for lunch however I was conscious of my crippling workload and decided to skip hanging with the group, grab a baguette and eat at my desk. All the girls at the canteen are lovely but I've taken... Continue Reading →


As I approach week 4 of returning to work, I reflect back on the past 3weeks. Though I’m a little settled into working mum patterns -commuting, checking on the nanny 10 times a day, bedtime routine etc I have to admit that I sometimes miss those long (sometimes short) days of maternity leave, being able... Continue Reading →


I don’t believe I’m back to work! It seemed like maternity leave would never end but I’ve spent a full week back to work and wishing I had stayed home a bit longer (haha I joke!). My 1st day back was cool actually. Trains were packed as usual so I stood through the 50-min train... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding Woes – Engorgement

I really do not know why it's not a "woman's world" Was the response I gave a friend after she reached out to me this morning. I had a rant fest on my instastory in the early hours of this morning after I suffered breast engorgement through the night. "Breast Engorgement" - a process by which your body punishes you... Continue Reading →

2017 so far…

  Hi my lovelies! So last time I was here I wrote a post on anticipating preschool a couple of months back, so many events have happened - from going through 4 au pairs, travelling for work while trying to catch up with nursery newsletters and finding time to attend any nursery events we parents are... Continue Reading →

Anticipating Pre-school…

Hello hello my lovelies! I know it's been a wee while (my last post was in June eek!) but I hope you are all enjoying the warm September. Now, this is a spur-of-the-moment post which came to my mind earlier today so here goes...   Earlier this year we decided to take the little one... Continue Reading →

Hair so far…

Back in November 2012 (about 37 weeks pregnant) I was ready to pop and started thinking about the style of hair I would have on to deliver my baby. I don't tolerate pain very well so to avoid looking like miss piggy I knew having a full face of makeup on that day was a... Continue Reading →

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