I don’t believe I’m back to work! It seemed like maternity leave would never end but I’ve spent a full week back to work and wishing I had stayed home a bit longer (haha I joke!).

Me and my girls…
Day 1 – Train Selfie

My 1st day back was cool actually. Trains were packed as usual so I stood through the 50-min train journey, I was so sweaty from my walk up to the station yuk! I did manage to film a DITL, which I will share on my YouTube channel fabmommablog once edited. It was an impulsive move really, because I had planned to film an update of my day once I got back from work.

Nothing much happened in the morning (except for my breakfast of porridge oats). Then it was lunchtime and we all headed out to the market to buy falafels. I later spent some time with each colleagues separately, catching up on office goss and showing them pictures and videos of my wonderful time spent at home with the children gosh the amount of coffee I drank that day!

Lunchtime – Pilpel’s falafels for the win!
Day 2 selfie

Day 3 was my first #WFHWednesday because it’s the day I’ve chosen to spend some one-on-one time with each child, thereby helping them with the transition of mummy being away at work (of course! I’m grateful that my company offers this flexibility). So I bring the baby to sensory class in the morning while evening is my time with her big sister, as I bring her to after-school gymnastics class. It was an enjoyable day and I’m eager to see how this pans out when I actually get busy with audits we will cross it when we get to that bridge

Day 4 selfie

I can’t deny that it’s a huge change from spending every waking hour with my baby, to now having to video-call to check on her during the day. I would be fooling myself if I expect this feeling of euphoria to continue in the coming weeks, so I would try to take baby steps along the way.

Now for a few of differences noted this 1st week:

  1. The struggle to wake up earlier than the girls! Might be looking at a 5am wake if I want to workout before leaving the house
  2. Breakfast time has moved to commute time.
  3. The constant feeling that I left something behind at home.
  4. A lot of walking included in my commute.
  5. Long commute means I have the chance to catch-up on some of my passion e.g. sleep! listening to podcasts (how I miss doing that!), writing up drafts for my blog, etc
  6. Office furniture is so uncomfortable! Them fancy chairs aint so “ergonomic” anymore when I’m used to standing most of the day.

So that’s it for my uneventful 1st week back to work! I do hope you enjoyed reading this… And stay tuned for more on this series!

Yours truly,


Author: fabmomma

Young and quirky momma of two, sharing my experiences as I trudge through life...

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